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About us



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CarsEquipment is in business of car entertainment systems for more than ten years.

It has grown and expanded over the last 10 years, but the philosophy that this company was built on remains through still to this day – Our Customer Needs Drives Us



We are based in Czech Republic from where we provide also technical support to clients in several ways including online support via online chat. By working with you we can provide targeted support to meet your specific needs.. We are always available to help and support our customers. We are the real deal if you want to save money and get genuine items for a fraction of a cost.


Our favorite thing about work is making our customers happy by providing absolutely the best service possible. If you are not happy we simply havn't done our job. Here at CarsEquipment we provide the highest level of quality products and customer satisfaction in today’s consumer market. This is done in a friendly, professional manner: to encourage thrift and savings!


We pride our selfs on providing the best customer service and we treat every order as if it was our first order! We pride our selfs in being car parts experts and we are true to all of our customers.
Please visit us also on WWW.AUTOMULTIMEDIA.CZ


Contact Us + Bank Details


Billing adress:

Cars Equipment s.r.o.

Belehradska 858/23

120 00  Praha 2

Czech Republic - Europe


Store, Car Service and delivery address:

Cars Equipment s.r.o.

Melnicka 150

27706 Luzec nad Vltavou

Czech Republic



Helpline: +420 604154223 / +420 777781928 (whatsapp calls or messages), speaks English, Spanish, German and Czech

Email: info@cars-equipment.com


CEO - Vaclav Pekar: +420 777781928 (whatsapp calls or messages), speaks English and Czech 

Email: info@cars-equipment.com



Orders - tracking numbers etc.: +420 723861645 (whatsapp and email only)

Email: nika.hozakova@cars-equipment.com



Phone: Paper Work / invoices: +420 737215082

Email: katerina.chladkova@ammedia.cz


Orders / Team Leader:

Please contact me only if there is a problem with a eshop or website.

Email: ondrej.sustr@ammedia.cz


Opening hours:

Monday - Friday / 8:30-17:00



 Accepted payment methods: PayPal / Credit Cards / Bank Transfer




We ship worldwide - FedEx, Airmail, Regular Post, DHL




Bank account numbers:


PayPal: PayMe@cars-equipment.com



IBAN: CZ95 0300 0000 0002 8107 2368




IBAN: CZ69 0300 0000 0002 8107 2448




IBAN: CZ43 0300 0000 0002 8107 2528




IBAN: CZ74 0300 0000 0002 6412 9465



Address for bank transfers:

Cars Equipment s.r.o.

Name of bank: Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka,

Street: Namesti Karla IV. 3359,

City: 27601 Melnik,

Country: Czech Republic - Europe


Address of recipient:

Cars Equipment s.r.o.

Belehradska 858/23

120 00 Praha 2

Czech Republic - Europe





Trade Registration Number:


Trade Registration Number: 02613018

VAT: CZ02613018

Shipping address to our stock: (for parcels sending back to us)
Cars Equipment s.r.o.
Melnicka 150
27706 Luzec Nad Vltavou
Czech Republic