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CORRECT Antenna Amplifier 1.2.18

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CORRECT Antenna Amplifier 1.2.18


The amplifier is designed to reduce noise and interference when listening to weak stations. Increase stereo effect, improve playback clarity, and highlight high tones. It minimizes the fluctuations of the FM broadcast signal while driving. The amplifier is designed to connect two passive autoanthenes, which improves the fluctuations of reception during driving.

- only for 2 antennas without antenna amplifier (passive antenna)
- gain range: FM (FM)
- active band: 88-108MHz (DV, SV without amplification)
- gain in FM band: max. 20dB
- pass-through attenuation: <2dB (DV, SV, KV)
- GSM attenuation: <1dB
- 50Ohm impedance
- Noise: 0.9 dB
- power supply: 12V / 12mA
- Antenna Connectors: DIN Input / Output
- Dimensions without cables: 68 x 25 x 11.3mm (L x W x H)