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A101 New AXTON amplifiers

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The A series of the latest generation of amplifiers from AXTON is characterized by the exceptional performance of the previous series, but it has been improved in many details. 
In addition, the new series does not abandon AXTON's philosophy of combining affordability, practicality and quality with a maximum musical experience.
One of the innovations is the 1-ohm stability of the A101 model, which significantly expands the possible use of this AXTON mono amplifier.
With a power output of 600 watts RMS @ 1 ohm, the A101 can also take over subwoofers.
The new AXTON Class D amplifiers reach a very high level in terms of sound and technology. Cleverly thought-out circuits in compact housings - only 10.5 cm wide and 4 cm high - guarantee a sound of stunning performance.
These amplifiers play every piece of music transparently, with amazing dynamics and playfully exceed all your expectations. The new amplifiers are of course equipped with active switches, high-level inputs with automatic switching, technology compatible with the start / stop system.
The A101 also has a remote bass volume control.