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A592DSP from Axton is the latest generation of popular DSP amplifiers

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The A592DSP from Axton is the latest generation of popular DSP amplifiers, which have once again come a long way: high-definition audio files (Hi-Res audio) and, of course, all common audio formats are now possible thanks to the added optical or coaxial inputs to play in the vehicle audio system. 
All you need is the newly developed interface for Hi-Res Audio Streaming - ABT50: simply plug it into the A592DSP and you can enjoy your favorite music in the highest resolution.
Hi-Res audio files offer the highest dynamics and resolution in the original "studio master" quality, depending on their format.
This mainly benefits the spatiality and transparency of the sound, but also adds particularly strong bass.

Another novelty of these DSP amplifiers is the possibility to connect a remote control, which easily regulates the volume and Bass Boost. 
The amplifier can be muted by pressing the button (mute function).
This control function is especially useful when the amplifier is used alone, ie without a radio.

However, the A592DSP also impresses with a number of other features. 
The rich equipment includes a 31-band equalizer for each channel, time correction and active switches.
In addition, you can also stream music to the amplifier directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth Audio (Hi-Res only with ABT50) - playback is conveniently controlled from an iOS or Android smartphone.
Simply download the free Controller App at www.axton.de or from the Apple App Store.

The A592DSP is ideal for purist Car-Hifi installations. 
Thanks to the Plug & Play connection with the auto-on function and integrated 5-channel preamplified outputs, equipped with DSP technology, this amplifier offers a variety of uses.
In addition, the A592DSP is stable up to 2 ohms, making it an ideal choice for most original audio systems.