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Compact, powerful with a modern look - with these words AXTON presents the 25 cm active subwoofer AXB25A. 
The AXB25A, like its little brother AXB20A, is made for music lovers who don't want to lose their luggage space or the right bass base.
With a gross volume of 16.1 liters, this "little bass miracle" will find its place in the trunk of ultra-compact vehicles. The bass professional from AXTON is equipped with a 25 cm speaker with a large deflection, which delivers striking and funky bass lines in combination with a passive diaphragm providing striking and funky bass lines. The integrated class-D MOSFET module provides 70 W RMS power.

Thanks to the larger speaker size, the AXB25A offers approximately 4 to 5 dB more SPL compared to its little brother AXB20A. Thanks to its higher performance, the AXB25A is suitable for larger vehicles, such as VANs or limousines, and represents a really strong bass solution. Because the compact bass box from AXTON can be mounted and removed quickly and easily, it is suitable for rented vehicles. A large number of practical features - the ultra-compact subwoofer system has all the necessary setting options.

The function set includes 12 dB / oct. low-pass filter that offers 60 - 120 Hz control range and fully variable phase-shift control.
Last but not least, the AXB25A includes automatic switching on of high-level inputs, allowing the connection of the AXTON active subwoofer to the original radios without the need for external adapters or interfaces. The control panel of the amplifier module is located on the front of the cabinet and faces backwards when placed in the case - thus allowing absolutely simple and straightforward adjustment of all AXB25A controls.

Key features of the AXB25A:

Compact active subwoofer
25 cm speaker with large deflection and passive diaphragm
Built-in class-D MOSFET amplifier module with 70 W RMS power
12 dB / oct. electronic crossover with 60 - 120 Hz low-pass
Phase-shift control with 0 - 180 ° control range
Amplifier module with automatic switch-on for high-level inputs
Variable setting of RCA inputs and for high-level inputs

Technical specifications AXB25A:

Frequency range: 25 - 120 Hz
70 W RMS x 1 @ 4 ohms (<1.0% THD / 14.4V) 140 W max. X 1 @ 4 ohms (<10% THD / 14.4V)
Variable sensitivity of RCA input: 0.2 - 5 V
Variable input sensitivity, high level: 1.0 - 8 V
Signal-to-noise ratio:> 85 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D): 266 x 320 x 385 mm