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0827 531 Genuine Würth LED Work Light 21 + 5 LEDS

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Manufacturer: Würth
Price without VAT: 51.07 €
Price: 61.80 €
Weight: 1500 g


Part number: 0827 531 13

Weight: 1,5kg

Genuine: Wurth LED work light


        Item description:

If you are tired of leads getting in the way, changing batteries or bulbs and not being able to get just the right light you need to do the job at hand then look no further then the quality of this Wurth LED work light.

       As well as being an excellent work light it also doubles as a great spot light.

       There are 21 LED's in the main light and 5 in the spot light, the LED intensity is rated at (Main light) 1000 Lux & (Spot light) 250 Lux

       Rechargeable, with a built in charge / discharge protection system.

       - Charging time 4 hours

       - Operating time (Main light) 8 Hours  (Spot light) 15 Hours

       The base is a flexible 180° tilt to either front or back.

       The base also has three built in strong magnets offering two positions (Vertical & parallel).

    The back also has two fold out hooks to hang it either upside down or right way up if the magnet is not pratical.

       Included with the LED light are the charges for your car and workspace.

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