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18650 Rechargeable Battery 3000mAh HG2

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Weight: 46 g

Rechargeable Battery 18650 3000mAh HG2


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Weight: 46 g

OE number: 18650


model: LG 18650 HG2 power lithium batteries

the standard capacity: 3000mah

the standard capacity: 3000mah

and lowest capacity: 2900mah

rated voltage: 3.6V

charging voltage: 4.2v

discharge cut-off voltage: 2.5V

maximum charging voltage: 4.25V

sustainable maximum charging current: 4A

sustainable and by charging current: 10A

the maximum discharge current sustainable: 25A

allow ambient temperature: charging: 0~45, discharge: - 20~60

cell surface temperature limits: charging: 60, discharge: 80

size: 18.2 mm (D)x 65.0 mm (H).