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DOWN FORCE WINGS – Universal Aerodynamic Element

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DOWN FORCE WINGS – universal Aerodynamic Element


Countless applications on any car. With a simple fit, thanks to the extremely sticking self-adhesive layer, you will achieve the attractive and dynamic appearance of your car and your taste and uniqueness.


Designed for cars :

all types of cars
universal use possibilities


Package contains:

2 pieces (1 pair) - DOWN FORCE WINGS
                           - Approval Documentation - TÜV No .: TZ-028998-A0-001


- Be sure to think of this piece of work before applying it.
- Then mark it with a pencil. Beware! keep symmetry (right and left).
- Place where the adhesive is to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased.
- Apply at temperatures between +15 C ° - + 25 C °

Material: Elastic profile strip
               PU-soft foam, 50 Shore-A hardness unit


Main dimensions:
width - 19 mm
length - 250mm
height - 35 mm