Cooling Liquid ŠKODA G13

Cooling Liquid ŠKODA G13

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The ŠKODA G13 is all-season coolant, designed to protect the cooling system of your car from the freezing temperatures and from rust. It provides great heat transferring characteristics and suits the needs of the ŠKODA cars perfectly. In practical 1 litre plastic bottle, you will always have it on hand.

The coolant conforms to the VW TL 774 J specification and can be mixed only with G12, G12+ or G12++ coolants, conforming to the VW TL 774 D, F or G specifications. Replacing the G11, G12, G12+ or G12++ coolant for G13 doesn’t require the flush of the systems. There are 9 language variants on the package label: CZ, SK, PL, RO, H, RU, GB, D a F.


Packaging: 1l PE bottle

Notice: Dilute the liquid distilled or quality drinking water in the following ratio units. Never use undiluted. Read carefully the leaflet.

Cooling Liquid G13   Freezing Point   Boiling point
1:2                          -18°C               108°C
1:1,5                       -24°C               111°C
1:1                          -37°C               114°C

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