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Rubber care gel

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Car-cosmetics from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories portfolio represent a varied collection of top quality, environment friendly car-cosmetics, which will help you to maintain your car in a professional way. All products pass through demanding laboratory examination and tests which guarantee top quality, effectiveness and trouble-free character of these products. The genuine ŠKODA car-cosmetics provides certainty that the products will really maintain your car so that it could look like a new one. Rubber care gel is an agent developed specially for maintenance of all car rubber components. It is used above all for maintaining all seals of windows, doors, etc. It both cleans and preserves rubber so that it maintains rubber elasticity. It reduces friction and avoids in whistling noise. It eliminates freezing of door sealing perfectly in winter period. Apply a small quantity of gel on a cotton cloth which does not shed fibres and spread it evenly by wiping. Dust does not deposit on the maintained surface.


 250 ml

Use: Cleaning of car rubber components (door sealing, etc.)
Composition: chemical agents



Only for the purposes for which the agent is intended according to the attached instructions for use. The residual contents of the container as well as the container itself has to be disposed of in accordance with local / regional / national / international regulations.


Keep out of reach of children!

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