OEM BABY-SAFE Plus Child Seat

OEM BABY-SAFE Plus Child Seat

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When travelling by car, it’s essential to place children in the child seats that correspond with their weight and meet all the safety criteria. BABY-SAFE Plus child seats belongs to 0+ category for children under 13kg (circa 15 months). It’s fixed into the car by isofix mount, which is rigidly connected to the car’s body, and it can also be placed in the front passenger seat, although this requires deactivation of the airbag. The child is held by a five-point harness and the head restreaint is adjustable in seven stages.

Product details:

SKODA quality: this child seat is designed, tested and approved according to the ECE-R 44.04 regulation for child restraints

Designed for cars:
Citigo (produced from 2011 to the present)
Fabia III (produced from 2014 to the present)

Rapid (produced from 2012 to the present)
Octavia III (produced from 2013 to the present)
Superb III (produced from 2015 to the present)

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