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Textile carpets for the 3rd row of Škoda Kodiaq seats

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The textile carpets of the 3rd row of seats for the 7-seater version of the ŠKODA KODIAQ cars from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range are practical and simple. 
These rugs are a suitable addition to the classic set of textile rugs.
It serves for preventive protection of the floor in front of the third row of seats, their shape perfectly fills the space under the feet of passengers.
They capture dirt and moisture, their surface does not slip. They can be removed at any time and easy to clean, due to the quality and density of the fabric.
Challenging ŠKODA stress tests performed over a long-term driving test of over 30,000 km have proven the high durability and resistance of carpets to wear.

Technical parameters:
Color:Black Material: PP 400g / m2 Contents: textile carpets for the 3rd row of seats Location: loosely inserted Maintenance: Common carpet cleaners. Do not use abrasive cleaners.
Designed for cars:
Kodiaq (year of manufacture 2017 - present)