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Set of front wiper blades for Scala

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ŠKODA Genuine Wipers represent guarantee of quality and reliability. They have been developed and tested specifically for ŠKODA models, and they went through rigorous testing, both in laboratories and on the road. They have been tested in temperatures from -40 to 100 °C and they fulfil all the manufacturer’s requirements. They are 100% effective under any conditions and their virtues include perfect adhesiveness and clean wipe of exactly defined field of view. Fully functional wiper blades provide good visibility from the vehicle in adverse weather conditions, providing safety on the road. To maintain this safety, we recommend to pay appropriate attention to the wipers and change their blades at least once a year. For ideal visibility, always change both blades at once, as they do equal amount of work and thus they are subject to same wear and tear. Also, don’t forget to replace rear wiper blades, which are also subject to wear. Good time for the replacement is the end of winter season as frosty windows can cause unnoticeable, but significant damage to the wiper blades rubber.

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Designed for cars: Scala