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Spare bulb set for Rapid Spaceback

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Well-known rule of road safety speaks about the need “to see and be seen”. That’s why you need to keep the lighting of your car perfectly functional and any defects should be fixed with replacing the faulty bulb for a spare one. The highway code also deals with this possible situation, putting the spare bulb set on the list of the vehicle’s mandatory equipment.
Buying the set from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories gets you all the spare bulbs for the exterior lighting of your vehicle, identical to those used on your car by factory. Set includes fuses.

A set contains:
- H8-12V-35W
- H15
- W3W-12V-3W
- W5W-12V-5W
- PY21W-12V-21W
- P21W-12V-21W
- P21/4W-12V
- WY5W-12V-5W
- 12V/W5W

Designed for cars:
Rapid Spaceback (produced from 2013 to the calendar week 22/2017) with xenon headlamps and with fog lamps

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