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Code: 5E0052000C

Spare bulb set Top for Octavia III

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A well-known rule of the road safety says that it’s necessary to “see and be seen”. This means that outer lighting of your car has to be always 100% functional, and possible faults should be fixed with replacing the malfunctioning bulb for a spare one as soon as possible. This is also mentioned in road safety rules of many countries, which put a spare set of bulbs on the list of mandatory equipment for any car.
With buying a set of spare bulbs from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories, you will get all the spare bulbs necessary to provide your car’s outer lighting, including the fuses. The bulbs are identical with those fitted to the car on the production line.

For cars with foglamps, order the product under 5E0 052 000B number, without them, used 5E0 052 000C.


Designed for cars:
Octavia III from 2013 to the calendar week 05/2017

5E0 052 000C – for cars with fog lamps:
- H8-12V-35W

- H12V/21W
- W5W-12V5W

- 12V/W5W
- PY21W12V

- P21W-12V21W
- P21/5W12V21/5W

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