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5LG071491T FL8 Alloy wheel BETRIA 21" pro ENYAQ

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Alloy wheel BETRIA 21" pro ENYAQ


The 21-inch BETRIA light alloy wheel are a perfect fit for modern and dynamic design. In the variants with the battery with gross capacity of 82 kWh or higher, the ENYAQ iV is fitted with the wheels different sizes on the front and the rear axle. This helps achieve sufficient traction that’s fitting to the extraordinary dynamics of the electric car.

The light alloy wheels will also impress with their quality and durability. They went through a series of rigorous tests that confirmed their longevity and safety. They are cast as one piece of the light aliminium alloy, which is covered with a thin layer of extremely hard, heat-resistant finish.

The possibility of fitting the wheels to a specific car needs to be confirmed with the car’s documentation.


Information for 8.5J x 21” ET 40 wheels:

  • This wheel is designed to be used on the front axle and on the rear axle of the cars with the gross battery capacity of 81 kWh or less.
  • For cars with the gross battery capacity of 82 kWh or higher, use the 9.0J x 21” ET 42wheel 5LG 071 491AA FL8 (tyre 255/40) on the rear axl.


Color:Black metallic


Material:Light alloy


Surface finish:Surface ground


Rim dimension:8,5J x 21 "ET 40


Tyres dimension:235/45


Snow chains possibility:No


Weight:18,3 kg


Maintenance:Rim cleaning gel 000096304C. Don’t use abrasive cleaners, detergents or steel wool.


Notice:For the ENYAQ iV alloy wheels, we recommend using tyres with "+" mark and Seal technology, which enables you to drive without any problems even with the puncture in the tyre tread.


Content of set:Light alloy wheel, ŠKODA centre cap, fitting instructions.


Usage:Front axle. Rear axle with the gross battery capacity less than or equal to 81 kWh. For gross battery capacity greater than or equal to 82 kWh, use 9.0J x 21“ ET 42 wheels (ordering number 5LG 071 491AA FL8).



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