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OEM 565052133 Legroom light Kodiaq / Karoq - 10 Colours

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Manufacturer: VW AG
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Weight: 700 g

Create a cosier, more luxurious atmosphere on board of your ŠKODA KODIAQ and KAROQ family SUV. The LED lighting for the footwells can either complement the factory-fitted ambient lightning or it may be fitted to a car that hasn’t been equipped with ambient lightning at all. In either case, it is controlled in the same way as the factory-fitted ambient lighting – via the infotainment system.

The ambient lightning is active for the whole duration of the drive and designed not to dazzle the driver while providing passengers with enough light for visual orientation. Besides its practical function of providing light, it also helps create a cosy atmosphere. This is particularly enhanced by the possibility to choose the colour of the lightning so that it matches the rest of the ambient lightning. It is possible to choose from 10 colours in the car’s infotainment system, using a visualisation of the colour spectrum. The lighting intensity can be adjusted as well.

LED lighting for the front passengers‘ feet is located under the dashboard, and under the front seats for the rear passengers.



    • The kit is suitable only for ŠKODA KODIAQ (NS) produced from CW 25/2021 and for ŠKODA KAROQ (NU) produced from CW 09/2022.
    • The product can only be fitted to cars with a radio with PR number 8AR (Bolero, Amundsen or Columbus).
    • This set is designed for cars with PR numbers:
    • QQ0 (without amebient lighting)
    • QQ9 (ambient lighting version 1)
    • 6T0 (without interior light in front and rear footwell)
    • 6T5 (with interior light in front footwell and rear footwell)


Product code
Content of set
1x wiring harness, 2x RGB bulb front right/left, 2x RGB bulb rear right/left, 2x bulb holder left/right, 1x assembly instructions.
Professional installation recommended
700 g
This kit is not intended for cars with PR number I8I (SWING GEN2 GP2).
The lighting is located in 4 places: under the steering wheel, under the passenger dashboard and under the passenger and driver seats.


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