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5LG061162 Boot dish ENYAQ iV

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Boot dish ENYAQ iV


Do you enjoy an active lifestyle, yet want to protect the luggage compartment of your car from damp and dirt? Then you’ll appreciate the plastic boot dish from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories range for ENYAQ iV, which reliably protects the boot of your electric car. This dish is perfect for fishermen or people enjoying outdoor sports, as they can use it to carry all their necessary equipment including clothes and shoes.


This practical accessory will protect all the items in the boot from damage, as you can divide the whole dish into a number of segments, using the aluminium dividing barriers, to prevent them from moving around even when driving on uneven terrain. At the same time, the raised edges of the dish prevent fluids (like water from wet snow shoes, drink from partly opened bottles, etc.) from getting spilled on the boot floor.


The dish doesn’t need to be fixed into the boot, as it is an exact fit. Thanks to its low weight, manipulation of the dish is simple, so you can easily take it out of the boot without getting the car’s interior dirty.


Maintenance is also completely trouble-free, you just shake the dirt off and rinse it with water.

The dish is made from high-quality thermoplastic, which ensures extraordinary strength and durability in contact with chemicals. 






Material:ABS plastic


Dimensions:1001 mm x 947 mm x 55 mm


Content of set:Boot dish, fitting instructions.


Weight:4,1 kg


Maintenance:Common household detergents. Do not use abrasive detergents or solvents.


Restritions:Only for cars with base floor and upper part of the raised floor.


Fixing:Freely placed in the boot, with the raised floor placed on the raised deck.



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