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5LG065110 Network program black ENYAQ iV

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Network program black ENYAQ iV


If you are looking for a practical yet stylish accessory for the luggage compartment of your ŠKODA ENYAQ iV, you’ve come to the right place. This netting system including pocket from the ŠKODA Genuine Accessories line will look great in the boot of your vehicle and also do a great job. Any items being transported will stay in place, even during more dynamic manoeuvering, and won’t move around the luggage compartment.


Netting system with pocket includes:
- Horizontal floor net (maximum carrying capacity 1.5 kg) / fixed hooks.
- Vertical rear net (maximum carrying capacity 1.5 kg) – folding hooks / rubber eyelets.
- Vertical side net with pocket (maximum carrying capacity 1.5 kg) – two folding and one fixed hook / rubber eyelets.


All nets are made of flexible material, which have been through rigorous strength testing. Even so, we don’t recommend placing sharp-edged items or items with Velcro inside, as this could damage of the net.

Another advantage of the netting system is its ease of installation, clearly explained in the car’s user manual.








Content of set:Horizontal floor net, vertical rear net, vertical side net, vertical side net with pocket, fitting instructions.


Weight:1 kg


Maintenance:Hand-wash in warm water (30 °C) with liquid washing detergent.


Restritions:Only for cars with base boot floor.



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