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Touch-up pen in red Desire Cupra

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Two-layer retouching pencil for red metallic Desire. Easily and quickly corrects minor paint imperfections on the vehicle's body.


Original CUPRA retouching pens guarantee the exact same color, gloss, and durability that are characteristic of the vehicle's original paint. Simply clean the repaired area, shake the pencil for 2 minutes, and carefully apply it to the scratched area until the marks are covered.


Color: Red Desire (metallic color)


Instructions for use: Two-layer paint. It is recommended to perform a test before applying the paint to a separate surface, as the color may vary from the original due to different factors: aging of the body paint, method of painting, or different variants of the same code. Read the instructions before applying.


Content: 1x 12 ml retouching pencil. Storage: Store in a cool and dry place (between 10 and 25 °C) out of direct sunlight.


This product complies with all environmental protection regulations.